BEST Organization Apps – Task Management, Calendar

Gone are the days of agendas and planners. At least for the sake of cutting down paper use, if not also for technological efficiency, unlimited time periods, analytics, integrations, collaboration, etc, etc.

This era of efficiency means SPEED. And as things have gotten faster, we’ve managed to become that much MORE OCCUPIED. Therefore, organization is that much more key.

Today, we’re going to not just go over the best organization apps on the market, but we’re going to include PREVIEWS of some of the main pages of each.


Trello was recommended by a project manager friend. We use it to make and organize lists or tasks. It’s AWESOME. It’s simplistic and I love how you can drag items around with ease. That you can use it on web and mobile. Your BOARDS have LISTS where you add CARDS (like tasks) which can then have notes, checklists, labels, attachments, etc. IE. it lets you go pretty deep in terms of organization + automation. You can change up the colours + backgrounds to make it feel a bit cozy too. Of course, the fact that you can use a lot of it for FREE doesn’t hurt. It allows you to collaborate with teams, and put due dates and all that jazz. There’s even a calendar, but it’s specific to each board. So you can’t view ALL your boards’ on one calendar. You can integrate to Google Maps (+ access a bunch of other features like extensive automation) when you have the premium account.

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