GoDaddy & Over are *engaged* or well, the former’s acquired the latter and so this digital family expands

Godaddy’s latest expansion includes Over; an app that helps businesses create social media content, ie. tasteful photos and videos. While kingpin when it comes to domains, there’s a whole generation on the socials that have hardly tapped – out of the likes of Insta or TikTok and into domains – and GoDaddy is going out of it’s way to meet & greet them.

Last fall, they relaunched their web-building tools “Websites+Marketing” -which now boasts 1 million paying customers- to keep peeps from having to go too far out to navigate the realm of website development. They’ve put in work on features including email marketing, SEO, social media integration, etc. And now Over, just adds in like, well not the last, but a good piece to the puzzle.

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