How to Setup Your WordPress Blog – for Lost Souls, Noobs and Those Who Have Tried & Gave up


WELCOME! While it’s 2020 and you’d think setting up a blog would be more intuitive and y’know something you can do in the snap of your fingers, it’s not. I mean, until you’ve done it a couple of times at least.

Take it from me, I’ve been learning how to do wordpress blogs for years – and I am no wordpress master but I can help you set it up!

As you may already be aware – there’s 2 WordPress blog options. One’s free and easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy. It provides you with a “subdomain” something like ““. If you have already purchased a domain, you can redirect it and voila! It’s similar to other options, like, say Tumblr or Blogspot, or even Wix, Weebly– and Google Sites (btw, tried it recently and it was surprisingly AWESOME, you can read about that setup here) in that you’d have a page up and running in no time. But you probably know all this and prefer the more complicated route. The one that’s a bit daunting to figure out at first but provides you more room for customization and all that jazz. So let’s just move along to that, shall we?

  1. You’re going to need a domain. It should run you up around $10 depending on who you go with, sometimes there’s discount codes that might save you a couple bucks up front – especially if you sign up for more than 1 year. (They suck you in that way..mwahaha). Godaddy’s becoming quite the monopoly. But there’s a bunch of options like NameCheap, etc. Depending on your intentions with your blog, you’ll want to put some thought and research into your domain name. Check out some of our suggestions for that here.
  2. For a blog that will enable you to customize more, you’re going to be going with – not .com – but, you don’t actually NEED to go to their site. Before you can get wordpress, you’ll need hosting.

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