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Pros and Cons of iPhones & IOS by Apple

Do you want the good or the bad first?


Cons? With IOS, you can’t find any fault

….not! #teamAndroid …jokes, we’re not at all biased 👀. Apple isn’t unique in that -there’s a decent set of pros AND CONS of iPhones & IOS.

The cons:

  • It isn’t customizable.


  • There’s not many 3rd party keyboards.
  • It is typically more expensive.

Let’s go check the price on iPhone RIGHT NOW:


^ LOL, like what? Do you remember $199 iPhone days?

Us neither:

The latest iPhone 11 Pro sets you back a cool $999++ USD

But obviously, OBVIOUSLY there are positives:

  • EXCLUSIVITY. The software is made JUST for Apple devices by Apple (vs Android where the OS is given to other brands/manufacturers.)
  • SOFTWARE UPDATES. Even if you have earlier models of an iPhone, you have access to the latest updates


  • SECURITY. It’s quite secure, I mean what are the alternatives?
  • BUILD QUALITY. They SET the industry standard
  • PERFORMANCE …ouuuph
  • USER FRIENDLINESS ..#yesnewfriends #ifyouaretechnologyatleast
  • u·biq·ui·tous. UBIQUITOUS. Just wanted to use that word. PerhapsI should go with CONVENIENCE. GEOGRAPHICAL CONVENIENCE: Apple stores are highly global + local. There’s a high chance that an Apple store is not too far from you if you need in-person support
  • INTEGRATION with MAC OS & Apple ecosystem. If you’ve got other products like coveted MacBook, they’ve probably already got cha in the bag, don’t they? Things just happen to *fit* that much better
  • CAMERA’s one of the best & they keep upping the specs. The 4k video quality of the later iPhones has eliminated the need for heavy-duty/specialized equipment for a lot of content creators.


  • You can share wifi passwords with other iPhone users

Naturally, it doesn’t end there for the pros or the cons of Apple iPhones & IOS. There’s always updates. Apple is forever evolving so we’ll keep adding here. Stay tuned!


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