How to Speed Up Your Internet Performance – for those who kinda just want to whip their phone or bang their head into the screen

F SLOW INTERNET. We’re not sorry. No one should have to deal with slow internet in 2020. It’s gotta be criminal, to be given slow internet if you’re footing a bill for it. Heck, even if you’re using a McDonald’s wifi. First world problems?! Well, not really because other parts of the world may actually have better and ofc cheaper internet. But you know what, we can put on our big boy or girl pants and try to figure this out. And if not, we’ll kindly mention when you oughta call your internet provider.Got a router?

One of the first things you’ll want to do is an actual speed test. <- Validate the speed and compare it to your package. If it doesn’t match up, you might wanna get on the phone with your internet provider and ask them why they’re messing with your life.

got a router?

  • Try connecting to the modem directly to see if the speed improves. If it does, try a different router or ask your internet provider if they have any other options
  • Try updating the firmware on your router while you’re at it.
  • Check the router for any connections that don’t belong to your household. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS…or uh, change the password at least.
  • Is it slow even with direct connection from the modem? Try moving the modem to a different outlet or call in your internet provider to troubleshoot. They won’t bite. They might just take a while…or two, to show up in person if troubleshooting over the phone doesn’t fare well.

spotty wifi?

  • If internet is slower in some parts of your home, or office, or ..well, wherever you find yourself: try using a mesh like Asus Airmesh or ask your internet provider if they have a mesh system. In Canada, both Rogers & Bell offer this within $10.

Well, uh, hope this helps. We’ll keep adding to this list and feel free to let us know what works for you!

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